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John BeeHolmes


Elected intendant September 22, 1794, succeeding John Huger. Succeeded by John Edwards [his brother-in-law], September 1795.
Born 1760, died September 5, 1827, buried in Circular Congregational churchyard.
Son of Isaac Holmes and Rebecca Bee, married Elizabeth Edwards 1783.
Attorney, admitted to bar in 1783. Owned Washington Plantation (Cooper River) in St. John's, Berkeley, Parish.
Aide-de-camp to General John Barnwell; on parole in Charleston after the British took the city in May 1780; arrested and imprisoned on British ship Pack Horse.  
Represented St. Philip's and St. Michael's parishes in State House during four General Assemblies, 1791-1797; in State Senate from 1799-1801.

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