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Elected mayor by City Council on April 4, 1842, to complete Jacob F. Mintzing's unexpired term. Re-elected September 5, 1842; September 4, 1843; September 2, 1844; and September 1, 1845. His fifth re-election bid, September 1846, was defeated by T. Leger Hutchinson. Schnierle ran unsuccessfully against Hutchinson in September 1847, then won the September 2, 1850, race to succeed Hutchinson.
John Schnierle was re-elected September 3, 1851, and September 1, 1852, both times defeating T. Leger Hutchinson, who defeated Schnierle's final re-election attempt, November 2, 1853.
Born 1808, died April 14, 1869, buried at Magnolia Cemetery.
Son of John Michael Schnierle and Marie Barbara Schnierle, married Elizabeth S. R. Horsey 1838.
Attorney, graduate (1827) of South Carolina College, admitted to bar 1831.
Major-General, Sixteenth Regiment, South Carolina Militia.
Represented St. Philip's and St. Michael's parishes in state senate for  two General Assemblies, 1838-1841.

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31 Pitt Street, residence of mayor John Schnierle. Schnierle and his wife lived on Friend [Legare] Street into the early 1840s, then moved into this house sometime before 1849. Their children sold the property to Elvina and James A. Brux in 1875.


C. Drie, Bird's Eye View of the City of Charleston, South Carolina, 1872 (http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/browse/ListSome.php?category=Maps)

31 Pitt Street and the surrounding neighborhood, 1872.


Sanborn Company map, 1902

31 Pitt Street and the surrounding neighborhood, 1902.


Sanborn Company map, 1944

31 Pitt Street and the surrounding neighborhood, 1944.


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