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Elected intendant September 25, 1825, succeeding Samuel Prioleau. Re-elected September 4, 1826; succeeded by John Gadsden, September 1827.
Born 1776, died October 6, 1862, buried in St. Philip's Episcopal churchyard.
Son of William Johnson and Sarah Nightingale, married 1802 Catherine C. Bonneau.
Graduate (1793) Charleston College, M. D. (1797) University of Pennsylvania.
Physician, apothecary [pharmacist]; historian, author.

Charleston City Gazette, September 5, 1826.
Charleston Courier, September 6, 1825; September 3, September 4, 1827; October 8, 1862.
Johnson, Joseph. Traditions and Reminiscences, Chiefly of the American Revolution in the South; including Biographical Sketches, Incidents and Anecdotes. Charleston, 1851. (http://books.google.com)


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35 Church Street, home of intendant Joseph Johnson. In 1812, Dr. Johnson paid $4,050 for this residence and lot fronting 36' on the west side of "Church Street continued." He lived here until the late 1840s. The ca. 1770 house formerly had a stuccoed fašade, ornate window hoods, and a two-tier piazza. Wilmer Hoffman, who purchased 35 Church Street in 1940, removed those features.


Sanborn Company map, 1888

35 Church Street, 1888.


Sanborn Company map, 1902

35 Church Street, 1902.


Bishop Roberts and W. H. Toms, The Ichnography of Charles-Town at High Water. London, 1739

Approximate location of 35 Church Street, 1739.


Ichnography of Charleston, South Carolina. Surveyed by Edmund Petrie for the Phoenix Fire Company of London, 1788

35 Church Street, 1788.


Courtesy of the Waring Historical Library, MUSC, Charleston, S.C.

Dr. Joseph Johnson


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