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Elected intendant September 13, 1802, succeeding John Ward. Succeeded by John Drayton, September 1803.
Born 1771, died 1822. Son of John Deas and Elizabeth Allen, married Mary Sommers 1800.
Attorney, planter. 
Represented St. James, Goose Creek, Parish in State House during five General Assemblies, 1794-1795, and 1800-1808.

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South-Carolina State Gazette, 9/14/1802.


City of Charleston Plat Book, page 21. SC History Room, Charleston County Public Library

Mary and David Deas sold the west portion of their Tradd Street property to William Logan, whose heirs subdivided the parcel.
Joseph Purcell, "Plat of a body of land between Broad and Tradd streets belonging to Will. Logan Esq., deceased, as laid out into nineteen building lots and a street called Logan Street, November 1802." The new forty-foot wide street was authorized by a city ordinance passed in August 1803.


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                    128 Tradd Street, 1888.


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               128 Tradd Street
David Deas came into possession of this house with his marriage to Mary Sommers. Her father, Humphrey Sommers, was a carpenter who built the residence ca. 1772. The Deas family held the property until after the death of Mary Sommers Deas in 1826.


Henry S. Tanner, A New Map of South Carolina with its Canals, Roads and Distances from Place to Place along the State and Steamboat Routes. Ca. 1833 American Memory, Library of Congress http://memory.loc.gov/

Northeast corner of Tradd and Logan streets, ca. 1833.


C. Drie. Bird's Eye View of the City of Charleston, South Carolina. 1872. American Memory, Library of Congress http://memory.loc.gov/

                      128 Tradd Street, 1872
The neighborhood of west Broad Street was devastated by the fire of December 1861, and had not yet been rebuilt.


Edmund Petrie, Ichnography of Charleston, South Carolina. London, Phoenix Fire Company, 1788. American Memory, Library of Congress http://memory.loc.gov/

Humphrey Sommers died in December 1788, bequeathing his Tradd Street house to his daughter Mary "when she is sixteen."



"David Deas"    1801
by Edward Greene Malbone (American, 1777-1807)
Watercolor on ivory
Image courtesy of the Gibbes Museum of Art


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