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John A.Wagener


Elected mayor August 2, 1871, succeeding Gilbert Pillsbury. Succeeded by George I. Cunningham, October 1875.
Born in Sievern, Hanover, Germany, 1816, died August 27, 1876. Buried at Bethany Cemetery.
Immigrated to New York, then to Charleston, 1833.
Founding member, St. Matthew's Lutheran Church.
Organized German Colonization Society, purchased land for German immigrants in the area that became Walhalla, South Carolina.
Commanded "German Artillery," South Carolina Militia, 1861-1864. Commissioned brigadier general, 1866.

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John A. Wagener died in Walhalla, and was buried there. His remains were later moved to Charleston's Bethany Cemetery, where veterans of the German Artillery erected this monument.


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