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Elected intendant September 10, 1804, succeeding John Drayton. Succeeded by Charles B. Cochran, September 1805.
Born 1755, died November 4, 1832; married Sarah (surname unknown). Member of St. Philip's Episcopal Church, where he is buried.
Attorney, admitted to bar in Charleston, 1785.
Military service as Clerk Corporal in James Bentham's company of militia.

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Preservation Society of Charleston

49 Chapel Street, residence of intendant Thomas Winstanley. His Mazyckboro house was built by 1804, on a lot that extended from Charlotte Street to Chapel Street.


Preservation Society of Charleston

49 Chapel Street, south elevation. After Winstanley's death, in 1834 his property was sold as two parcels, one fronting Chapel Street and one fronting Charlotte Street. The south piazzas were eventually enclosed and the building divided into apartments.


Sanborn Company Map, 1888

49 Chapel Street, 1888.


R. P. Bridgens & Robt. Allen, "An Original Map of the City of Charleston," 1852

49 Chapel Street, 1852.


C. Drie, Bird's Eye View of the City of Charleston, South Carolina, 1872 (http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/browse/ListSome.php?category=Maps)

49 Chapel Street and environs, 1872.


Preservation Society of Charleston