Elected warden September 1813. Elected interim intendant March 30, 1815, after Thomas Rhett Smith resigned; elected to full term September 18, 1815, re-elected September 16, 1816. Succeeded September 1817 by John Geddes. 
Elected intendant September 4, 1820. Succeeded September 1821 by James Hamilton, Jr.
Born 1773, died September 17, 1834, buried at St. Paul's Episcopal Church [Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul].
Son of Thomas Horry and Ann Branford, married Harriet Vanderhorst 1797; married second Mary R. Shubrick 1817.
Educated at James Hamden Thomson's private academy, 1790 joined Charles Cotesworth Pinckney's office as a law student; 1793 admitted to South Carolina courts of Law and Equity.
Owned The Bluff, Wattahan, Milldam, Jutland, Camp Main, Camp Island, Newland, Midland and Millbrook plantations (Santee River) in Georgetown District and St. James, Santee, Parish.
Represented St. James, Santee, in State House during five General Assemblies, 1794-1804; and St. Philip's and St. Michael's Parish during two General Assemblies, 1830-1833. 

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Jasper Adams, An eulogium… Elias Horry, Esq.

Elias Horry

Courtesy of Glenn Keyes Architects

59 Meeting Street, known as the Branford-Horry House, was built between 1751 and 1767 for William Branford and his wife Elizabeth Savage on land she had inherited, a portion of Town Lots 87 and 88. The house passed to the Branfords' daughter Ann and her husband Thomas Horry, then to their son Elias Horry. He remodeled the building, adding a grand portico over the sidewalk. Alice R. H. Smith, The Dwelling Houses of Charleston

Ichnography of Charleston, South Carolina. Surveyed by Edmund Petrie for the Phoenix Fire Company of London, 1788.

This 1788 map shows 59 Meeting Street before the portico was added to the east façade.

Bishop Roberts and W. H. Toms, The Ichnography of Charles-Town at High Water. London, 1739

Northwest corner of Meeting and Tradd streets, 1739

Sanborn Company Fire Insurance map, 1888

Northwest corner of Meeting and Tradd streets, 1888

Sanborn Company Fire Insurance map, 1902

Northwest corner of Meeting and Tradd streets, 1902